Imagine this. You are a young adult, between the ages of let’s say 18-23. The only job you can find is being a server at your local restaurant. You finish your training and start to fall in love with this job, but one night you see for the first time a server’s worst nightmare. You go to grab the ticket off of that table of six you had been taking care of and you see a zero in the tip line on a $200 ticket. You feel your entire mood change knowing that you may not be able to eat that night or be able to pay your rent that is due the next day because that group didn’t tip even ten percent.

The vast majority of servers in the United States make a minimum of $2.13 an hour plus tips according to the Department of U.S Labor guidelines. This means that for a server to make minimum wage even, they must rely on tips.

As a server myself I know the feeling of not receiving a tip when you have given your all to a table. The job we do is not an easy one. We work long shifts with no breaks constantly running from table to table so we can make sure our customers are getting the best service they can get. We often have stressful nights with table after table and huge orders.

Before I started my job at RibCrib, I didn’t completely understand how rough servers actually have it, so I very rarely would ever tip. After seeing that first “paycheck” and only seeing $21.00 I understood better just how much we actually rely on tips and now no matter how poor the service is I always leave a tip.

Now, saying you should always tip does not mean you have to tip massive amounts. The typically accepted tip percentages are 10, 15, and 20 percent of what your ticket total comes out to be. Most restaurants including RibCrib include the tip percentages on the ticket so you don’t have to do any calculating yourself.

Remember if you are going to decide to go out to eat at a restaurant with a server. Make sure you tip. It’s simply a matter of basic human decency and helping out another human being. You could be the deciding factor in whether or not this person has a place to sleep or food to eat that week.