Warner (right) standing with her cross country coach Curtis Morgan (left) holding the plaque her team won at state this year

Freshman Lindsay Warner, now at the age of 15, has won end-of-the season accolades in cross country every year since she joined in 7th grade. In October, she and her teammates won the 4A State Cross Country championship.

Along the way she’s faced her fair share of troubles, victories, and questions about her future of running.

 In 5th grade, Warner began going on runs with her father around her neighborhood. “He started to run just as like a stress reliever,” she said.“I went on runs with him and it just progressed from there.”

These experiences are what first sparked her interest in running.

Her sister also seemed to be motivational to her, though in a different way. “My sister ended up doing it in 7th grade because she (would get) a free pair of shoes if she ran cross country; it was kinda out of spite I guess because I wanted to be better than her,” she laughed.

Bur are there any downside to running? Warner paused for a moment before anwsering.  “Physically, it’s kind of exhausting having to run and push yourself to the limit,” she said. “It’s been proven that girls who run long distance have hip problems…” she looked away, as she herself has had many problems with her hips over her years in cross country, “But it’s still worth it.” 

“I really like the team aspect of cross country,” she said, explaining what keeps her running every year.

“I knew that these girls were upset about not winning state last year, and I wanted to get that for them. And we did.”

“I’ll definitely go until my senior year,” she said with determination. “Because the only way to get better at running, is to run more.”

While she was uncertain about whether she would continue sports such as cross country on into college, but she knew she would always run. She knew she had found her passion.