Have you had a friend or family member overdose on prescription opioid narcotics? About 130 people daily overdose and die by misusing medications.  

I know many addicts and people who have gotten their hands on Rx drugs and illegal substances. My father has been an addict for as long as I can remember. 

Addiction can start in the womb if a mother is misusing drugs while pregnant. This can cause many complications during and after birth. Addiction is a mental disease that will later affect the body. (Bhargava) It can affect many systems in the body causing them to malfunction and deteriorate. Using a lower dose narcotic will more than likely lead to higher doses or stronger Rx drugs being used (Butanis).

About 5,480 people misuse these medications for the first time each day. Unless treated this can be a very serious issue in someone’s life. Addiction and misuse have also been linked to many behavior issues causing many users to lose jobs (MedlinePlus).

Using opioids incorrectly can cause serious issues including the body, brain, and lifestyle. If you know someone in your life who needs help with opioid addiction don’t hesitate to talk to them and seek out treatment. 

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