Man protests his rights to bear arms (Creator Ron Kikuchi).

Guns. They establish our freedom and our personal rights as Americans. Others oppose this and think that we should ban these weapons to protect the people. Guns give an easy access to harm and bad people take advantage of this privilege. 

In my household, we take pride in our rights to bear arms. We shoot for fun and to practice in case of emergency. Living out in the country, there’s always the possibility of a stranger paying us a visit with intentions of causing my family harm. Living in the area we do, we aren’t given the chance to quickly get help. These weapons have an intimidating presence and only need to be used in the worst situation. When responsible owners have their firearms taken away, it puts them in more danger than owning the weapon itself.

Studies show that 42 percent of households in the United States own guns and use them for protection while 57 percent of people say that their friends own guns for the same reason. (1.)

It is a quick and efficient way for people to keep themselves and their families safe. The vast majority of these people own more than one firearm. These multiple guns are used for simple things like hunting, gun collecting, sport shooting, or target practice. Almost three-quarters of gun owners say that they could never picture themselves without owning a firearm.

Weapons are initially meant for protection, and those who don’t use these rights for defense have intentions of causing harm to other people. These types of people will always find a way to cause harm. Whether they cause harm to themselves, or others, they’ll always find a way. If we took away these rights, then statistically, 46 percent would show no difference.

It takes a person to pull the trigger. The people who are upset about guns being used as violence don’t realize that the crimes have nothing to do with the weapon itself. The individual who shot the firearm is the problem. If we ban guns, the people who use them to do harmful acts with them are still going to find a way to obtain the gun no matter the laws. They’re already breaking the law by committing these acts, and making weapons illegal isn’t going to stop them. This then leaves the responsible gun owners defenseless against the harmful people; therefore the death rates don’t change. Guns actually help people protect themselves.


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