Image Credit: peggydavis66

Thousands of species go extinct each week because of jurassic changes in the climate and there are actions we can start trying to implement today to stop more species from going extinct (2).

Global warming is an issue because it is destroying humanity and ecosystems. Humans need to change and take action. Fossil fuels are a major problem, and we need to fix the damage that has been caused. We can do this by planting trees and switching to renewable energy (1).  

People need to stop burning fossil fuels for they release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere. As this carbon dioxide build-up happens, the gas traps heat inside, warming up the earth. This is was is known as the greenhouse effect.  According to the site, “The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other human activities, are believed to be the primary sources of global warming.”

 This is melting icebergs and increasing water levels, flooding cities and towns (2).

The climate change that the earth is going through is causing one of the biggest extinction events in all of earth’s history. If something isn’t done, humanity could go extinct as well. It is estimated that about 200 species of plants and animals go extinct every day. The climate is changing too fast for animals to be able to adapt, killing them off (1).  

A solution to this fossil fuel burning could be to switch to renewable resources. Renewable resources can be used infinitely and are friendly towards the environment. Solar panels can be used to catch rays of sunlight, which are then converted to electricity for power. Wind turbines can be used to catch onto the wind, spinning the arms to create energy (1). 

Once we can establish a new source of energy, removing fossil fuels from power plants, we can start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This solution has been sitting under our noses for thousands of years. It grows by itself and it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. Trees can help remove the greenhouse effect from the atmosphere. People all around the world today are contributing to growing more trees. 

A plan that I’ve devised is to shut down the producers of fossil fuels.  This is including power plants and cars. Then, we can switch to much better sources of energy.  This would include solar panels and wind turbines. There are much more. These sources are going to be quite pricey, though.

If we can make these changes today, many new generations of people can exist in a world full of life and resources.  People are very stubborn though, and most big corporations owning fossil fuel power plants are only doing it for the money.  We can make a difference by planting more trees and electing leaders that are much more willing to help us save the world. The future of our planet lies in our hands. 

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