Have you ever wanted to go to college to play sports? Well, now you can get paid to play NCAA sports in California. I am all for this, getting to do what you love and getting paid, who wouldn’t take that opportunity?  

I want to play sports in college and getting paid would definitely be a major plus for playing college sports. In my opinion, being paid for your name and likeness would be a major assistance. Scholarships help with the education part of a student-athlete, but shouldn’t the player be rewarded for getting their school public attention? 

California is the first state to legalize athletics to “gain compensation for the commercial use of their identities.” This law will go into effect on January 1, 2023. Basically this law states that colleges in CA can’t deny student-athletes to get money for their names and images. This gives  colleges in California an advantage in recruiting, but there are 20-25 other states considering laws similar to the one Governor Gavin Newsom signed on Sept. 30, 2019.

Former NBA player Ed O’ Bannon believes that denying D1 men’s basketball players their commercial value violates Federal Antitrust Laws.

Although this is a good thing for athletes these colleges participating can risk expulsion from the NCAA, and the athletes will lose protection from this act if they sign with someone who isn’t licensed in California, or if there is any conflict with their scholarship. 

I am all for the Pay to Play Act, I believe that this act will decrease the amount of one and done players who are only being students for a semester and turning pro. This gives student-athletes the chance to be students and athletes, without having to struggle financially. 

More colleges should definitely follow this law because it is very helpful to many players and will decrease the number of one and done basketball athletes. If these athletes are making so much money for your school shouldn’t they get something out of it? It would make them want them to stick around longer and not have to worry about a source of income while playing college ball. These players could spend more time practicing and perfecting their skills, which overall could bring in more money for your school.