"Administering Flu Vaccine" by Government of Prince Edward Island is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Vaccines are a big part of medical studies these days. Vaccines keep back hundreds of horrible diseases. They were created back in the 1950s to cure diseasesThere were also diseases you could get from them, but over the last several decades since then those diseases have been made avoidable.

Prior to the introduction of vaccination with material from cases of cowpox (heterotypic immunisation), smallpox could be prevented by other ways of smallpox virus. How ever, this had several side effects. 

Sometime during the late 1760s while serving his apprenticeship as a surgeon, Edward Jenner learned of the story, he made an experiment where he took some cowpox pus from a milkmaid’s hand and put it in an 8-year-old boy and he then never got smallpox. Jenner extended his studies and in 1798 reported that his vaccine was safe in children and adults and could be transferred from arm-to-arm.

In my opinion, I think that all people should get vaccinated for health reasons to keep away things like small pox, polio, etc.

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