Social media: one of the most controversial topics in today’s society; a  developed number of large platforms used by people all over the world to showcase what they feel is most important in their lives; a topic that seems as if it defines the generation on the rise in our world. It is said to cause depression, anxiety, negative self-body image, unrealistic realities, and so much more amongst users.

As a teenage girl I feel that if anyone has dealt with the toxicity of social media, it would be us. As we constantly compare ourselves to one another, which then leads to feeling like we may not be enough and tearing ourselves down more than any outside power ever could. Through apps like Instagram, VSCO, Pinterest, and more I have felt those emotions countless times before. It’s hard to take a step back, look in the mirror, see the raw beauty in all of your perfect imperfections, and realize that on social media you solely see the best of people. What you don’t see is the mess of problems and flaws they’re hiding behind the camera. So what if we focused on positively impacting our society with social media?

According to Monica Anderson and JingJing Jiang of Pew Research, “45% of teens say they’re online on a near constant basis.” With this statistic, we begin to understand how much of each day teens really spend on social media and the amount of time we have to try and convert this into positivity. If each teen focused on their passion and what they love about their life individually we may be able to see an increase in the positive things social media is doing for teens rather than all of the negative aspects. Feeding off of other social media users for ideas and inspiration is totally common and perfectly okay, but if we cultivated a positive enough environment that we didn’t feel the need to want to be others, social media would become a huge beneficial factor for the generation on the rise.

All together, I feel if we were able to overlook some of the negative aspects of social media and work to fix them social media could become an even bigger positive factor than it already is. The potential social media has to transform our world can either be used to tear us apart or bring us all together and if we stand as one, highlighting the good in our world, I believe it would be so impactful for our society and the future of our world.