The Summer of 2020 Buhler High School will be going to Peru for a school trip. The trip is being hosted by Amber Neighbor. Although we don’t know any exact dates yet we know that the trip to Peru will be held for 11 days some time at the beginning of the month of June.

This trip will cost roughly around $4000 for each student. If you or your family can not afford to go but still want to attend the trip there will be fundraisers to raise more money so the trip is more appealing to all family’s. Neighbor is still unsure of how many students will be tagging along to Peru. Although the price may seem costly if you were to take this trip on your own the price could be up to $10,000. 

I love going on these trips. I took one as a student to Mexico for 9 days and it is one of my favorite memories from junior high school. I went to Spain, Summer of 2018 with the Spanish class here at BHS with Mrs. Stueve and it was the best trip I have ever been on,” said Neighbor.

 If you were unable to make the meeting in Novemeber or are just now becoming interested you it’s not too late and you can email Neighbors any time and find the information you need. The more students that attend the less the cost will be.

The sponsors for the trip are Neighbor, Hanna Lehr, and Kelsea Stueve, who is a former Spanish teacher from BHS. Stueve will also be bringing her students from Spring Hill. 

The sightseeing and museums are excellent, but the chance to eat new foods and try new experiences was mind-opening. It is so important to see and visit different cultures. You learn so much from hands-on rather than just reading about it or doing research. Being able to talk to people who live in Spain and being able to see how they live is something that will stick with me forever. So with that experiences, I am hoping all these going will for all those again with Peru,” said Neighbor.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in the trip, please look into the information.