Mr. Freking is a new math teacher here. His last school only had 100 students. (C. Davies)

Josh Freking is a new math teacher at BHS.

He taught in the Wichita Public schools, and then spent four years at Flinthills High School in  Rosalia, KS. 

“I like the part that I actually have a math department to work with, and I have other math teachers to bounce ideas off of and get advice from them on certain concepts and situations,” Freking said.

He likes working here mostly because he enjoys working with his students. His favorite thing is to get to know his students. 

Freking went to Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS for his Associate’s, Wichita State University for his Bachelor’s, and Emporia State University for his Master’s.

In my opinion, he is a great teacher and we should be grateful to have him here.