that the finished product it is a sea otter (e.grimes)

The 3D art students were given a bar of soap and they used tools to carve out an animal based on a spirit animal of Native American art history. Each student had to pick an animal that they think represents their spirit animal and then carve it out of the bar soap.

This project is different from the masks made by students because with the mask they were doing additive sculpture.

According to art teacher, Shelby Augustine, “the soap carving is a subtractive sculpture. Students are carving bits away and this one incorporates art history as well.”

The soap carving project is taking about two weeks to complete.

The materials needed are bars of soap with different carving utensils like plastic spoons and knives. Any other tools that she can find including BB nails, to add texture so that you can get more precise lines into the soap.

 Every student is graded off of a rubric. They usually have one, two, or three different objectives like appearance, time management, and texture.

Students will critique their peers’ artwork when it is finished, with the sixth hour students evaluating seventh-hour projects and seventh hour looking at sixth.  

The finished products will be displayed by the library in the floating black art display case.

The starting design of the sculpture is shown below.