Junior Austin Spann (K.Mendenhall)

Austin Spann, jr., created a wiffle ball tournament through his Passion Pursuits class to help raise funds for the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. The tournament has raised $1,874. 

Spann’s sister was born with a heart condition that kept her from playing sports such as baseball. Twenty minutes after she was born, she was transported to Wichita, then to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

“I wanted to create an event to help raise money for the hospital that my sister goes to,” Spann said. 

There were nine teams that participated in the event and there are 6-7 people per team. The winners of the tournament were presented trophies and the winner of the home run derby was presented a wiffle ball bat.

The wiffle ball tournament was held at the Buhler baseball complex Oct. 19. Funds were raised through a ten dollar registration fee.