Have you ever wanted to do something for your community? #givebackbuhler is a club that can help you in that pursuit.

What is #givebackbuhler? Essentially, it’s a volunteer organization designed to encourage students to help with things in the community through a structured source. #givebackbuhler basically acts as a midpoint, getting in contact with the people running events and setting up positions in which they can help with said events.

Samantha Neill, the person who runs the organization, states they would like to be the organization planning the events. “The goal of the club is to give kids a sense of collectiveness in their community,” said Neill.

#givebackbuhler has been around since 2006, but it went by a different name up until last year. In that time, they have assisted with many events and charities, including the Hutchinson Food Bank. In fact, they recently helped out at the Buhler Frolic on October 5.

“We cleaned things up and helped with kids activities,” Neill said.

You can join too. “This club has done good so far, but could do better” Neill stated. “We are always looking for new members. Our members are busy and can’t always help with everything.”

If you’re looking to join #givebackbuhler, you can do so by contacting Neill, or by joining the classroom page. You can find the code to join on posters in the hallways. If you feel like you want to help out and make a difference in your community, Neill’s door is always open.