This is one of the many posters that are put up around the school advertising Jolene Moore's Passion Pursuit project.

Jolene Moore, sr., has a project called Rays of Sunshine. This project is about spreading self-love and happiness throughout Buhler High School. 

There is a box placed at the opening of the Cru Corner, and Moore said she plans on placing several more all around the school in places that are currently undetermined.

Inside these boxes are small slips of paper that have postive things written on them. If it makes you happy then you can keep it or even pass it on to a friend.

Moore said, “I was inspired to do this project by my own struggles with depression and my mental health. It was hard to share and having to share my story and situations with several different people that I usually wouldn’t talk to.” 

She started thinking about this project over the summer and had hoped to improve the people’s lives around her by making them feel good about themselves, and it’s always been something that she has loved to do. 

Moore emphasizes that “When my idea for my project finally started coming to me it made sense to not only brighten the lives of my close friends, but instead brighten the lives of other people I don’t see or talk to every day.” 

Currently Moore is the only person working on this project, but she has had a few people help her write the Rays that are put into the boxes, and help share the Rays from her twitter account @RaysoffSunshine.  

According to Moore, “Aaron Dietchler, the history teacher, here at Buhler helped me to write some of the Rays in my first week of the project and my friend Cade Taylor has graciously liked and retweeted all of my Rays of the Day on Twitter helping me reach an even wider array of people that normally wouldn’t follow me.”