The Buhler High School (The Hutch Post)

Very early on the morning of Oct. 5 at 1:30 A.M., a break-in occurred at Buhler High School, and a substantial amount of money was stolen. About a week after the crime was committed, the two thieves were caught.
Around the building, glass windows were shattered and doors were busted open.  According to surveillance cameras, two people broke into the school, scavenging as much money as possible. They took charity money and fee money from the shop area in the ag department and the office.
The school administration worked with the Buhler Police Department.  They used the film that was recorded on the cameras from around the school.  The culprits wore masks and gloves, making it a bit more difficult to find who did it.  The investigation has now come to a halt since the police discovered the culprits’ identities.  
“Most of the money has been recovered and when the court case is complete we will get it back. I am sure that there will be restitution as well,” Principal Mike Ellegood said.