Rachel Thomson, sr., teaches chorus members the dance moves for "Under the Sea" during an after-school rehearsal last week. (D. Kelly)

Buhler High School vocal students have the opportunity to perform in a musical each year. A lot goes into the production of the show. For instance, the choreography that goes into it is a major part of the success of the show.

BHS Senior Rachel Thomson is to thank for all the work she does to make the dancing in the show phenomenal as the choreographer.

The cast has had several after school rehearsals practicing the choreography for “Under the Sea,” “Positoovity,” “Fathoms Below,” and “Daughters of Triton.”

“I came up with 99% of the choreography that I have so far,”  Thomson said.

She said she turns to other shows when she gets stumped or needs extra inspiration.

Thomson has been doing choreography for Greg Bontrager since she was in the eighth grade and has always loved doing so.

 “Coming up with and teaching choreography is only part of it. But seeing the image you have in your head come to life is amazing,” Thomson said.