Rylee Willison so. asks her boyfriend Ethan Wray so. to go to formal as her date with donuts.  (C. Terrell)

Formal is coming up on Nov. 9, and couples and friends alike are buying fancy attire for the occasion and girls are asking guys left and right. 

Traditionally Winter Formal is a girls ask guys dance at Buhler High School. There are only 23 days left until the dance. The race is on to get a guy to say yes to being your date for the occasion. 

Sophomore Ethan Wray was asked with donuts on Wednesday, Oct. 9 in the band room at BHS after first hour. 

“I felt fine because I already knew he was gonna go with me,” Rylee Willison, so., said. 

Wray was asked by his girlfriend of 7 months Rylee Willison and he was expecting it. He wasn’t surprised, but he was super excited to see what she had planned. 

Girls are buying dresses all over and setting up appointments for hair, makeup and even nails. Dresses are being altered and adjustments are being made in a flash. So BHS gentlemen be ready… your time to be asked could be coming.