Each week Coach Morgan posts the Runner of the Week outside of his classroom. William Trumpp was the winner of the award for Week 6. (M. Thompson)

Head Cross Country Coach Curtis Morgan has had his fair share of success while in charge of the XC program at Buhler High School, and with that he has learned what it means to build a winning culture. This year, in order to keep his athletes focused and motivated, he implemented a weekly award into their program called the “Runner of the Week Award.” 
Morgan and his coaching staff originally came up with the award after seeing other teams do something similar and deciding that it could be a positive thing for the team. 
The award is up for grabs each week for any runner who stands out to Morgan and his staff, whether it be, “because of a big drop in their career PR. It could be because of something positive that they did at the meet, it could be because of outstanding character or leadership during the week,”  Morgan said.

Athletes began receiving the award Week 2 of the Cross Country season. The runners that have received the award so far are Wyatt Bunce, fr., Daycee DeWindt, sr., Allison Goans, fr., Emma Willison, sr., William Trumpp, fr., and Lindsay Warner, fr.

Week 6 Runner of the Week Winner, Trumpp, said, “When I first heard about the runner of the week I was very motivated because it was going to be a great way to push myself.”

All in all, it seems that the idea of motivating his athletes which Morgan initially had in mind when implementing this award “reigns” true.

The team’s motto is “Reign as One.”