“Kiss a Heifer” jars are located in John Clark’s classroom in the Ag Department. (S. Berblinger)

Buhler High School’s FFA chapter is hosting their yearly fundraiser, “Kiss a Heifer.” Money raised goes to a family in need to buy them Christmas presents.

There are several contestants who each have a jar with their picture on the front, and people can put money in the jars. The way they calculate the total is coins make their totals go up, and bills make their totals go down. The person with the largest total at the end has to kiss a heifer.

The contestants for the Kiss a Heifer coin drive are the nine FFA officers, four FFA advisors, Principal Mike Ellegood, and Athletic Director Justin Seuser. There is a sheet that lists all of the totals for each person, and the list gets updated every day after they count the money.

FFA President Piper Schlatter, sr., counts the money multiple times a day; then the FFA teachers post the new total list.

The money will be given to the parents so that they can get presents for their children, and the children will not know where the money came from.