Louise Otero is a new Spanish 1 teacher at Buhler High School. (N. Garcia)

Louise Otero is a new teacher at Buhler High School, but she is not new to teaching. Otero has been teaching for 34 years and she really enjoys her job.

Otero’s high school French teacher inspired her to teach. She went to Kansas University for college and got her bachelors and masters there, but she got her teaching certificate through Wichita State University.

Otero started teaching in 1978 overseas in West Africa. Since then she’s taught at Wichita State University, Ellsworth High School, Hutchinson Middle School, Smokey Valley High School, Pakistan, Christian County Learning Center, and now at Buhler High School. 

Otero teaches Spanish 1 and has about 60 kids she teaches. She chose to teach Spanish because she likes it and her husband speaks Spanish. Her favorite part about teaching is she loves to get her students excited about learning another language!