Captains from both teams meet on the 50 yard line for the coin toss before the Crusaders VS Bullpups football game Friday, Oct. 4. (Photo by K. Teeter)

Last Friday, Oct. 4, the Crusader football team suffered a devastating loss to their rivals, the McPherson Bullpups, 21-14, but they will have a chance to redeem themselves this Friday, Oct. 11, when they confront the Circle Thunderbirds in action at Crusader Stadium.

During the game against the Bullpups, the team struggled with turnovers which really set them back, but eventually the players came together and fixed the defense allowing for a comeback. Unfortunately, the Crusaders were not able to pull out the win.

Assistant Coach Kevin Ruda said this when asked what the team needs to improve on after last week’s game. “We need to continue to get better on both sides of the ball.”

This week is looking hopeful for the Crusaders according to Ruda. “We feel really confident about this week…we just have to go and do what we need to do,” he said.