A castle scene is featured on a prop for the show. The flat was also used for last years show, “Grand Canyon”. (R. Harmon)


Buhler High School Marching Band will be attending their first marching competition on Oct. 12. It will be held at Shawnee Mission North, located in Overland Park.

BHS is set to perform at 3:15 Saturday afternoon at Shawnee Mission North. The final awards ceremony is planned to be held at 8:30 later that evening.

Director Amy Kraus said, “I am anticipating seeing what other bands bring to the table.”

There will be a total of 10 bands coming to Shawnee Mission for the competition.

The marching show this year is titled “Untold”. In the show humans and dragons live together until humans decide to trap the dragons. The dragons retaliate and kill the humans.

Guthry Pfister, sr., said his favorite part was “how it gradually builds up towards the end and where we fight the dragon.” 

Kraus said she’s “definitely excited to see the energy that the Buhler Band brings and all the work that we put in up to this point.”

The band members come every week day at 7:30 am. to prepare for football games and competitions.