Leah Morgan is shown in her second classroom where she teaches geometry. In the afternoon, she teaches biology. (Vanessa Felix)

 Buhler High School teacher Leah Morgan, formerly teaching science Is now teaching math and science. Morgan started teaching math on Aug.15, 2019, the first day of school for all freshmen and new students at Buhler High School.

 She had to get a master’s degree in order to do this and she is still currently taking college classes from Washington State University.

 Since Sept. 4, she has taught one year of science and three weeks of math. 

Morgan is planning to stay here and teach at Buhler High. 

 “My first few weeks of teaching math at Buhler High School have gone great! I have great students and I have enjoyed working with them as well as my colleagues in the math department,” said Morgan.

She enjoys both math and science for various reasons. 

“I like teaching science because there are a lot of activities and more engaging for the students but often time-consuming to set up. I like teaching math because It is a subject that a lot of students have questions in and I like answering those questions,” Morgan said.