Brian Weilert, a new teacher and Debate coach of Buhler High School (N. Garcia)

Brian Weilert is a new teacher at Buhler High School. He’s a freshman English teacher and the new debate coach. Overall he absolutely loves teaching his students.

Weilert went to K-State for college and started as a theater major. He absolutely loves teaching kids and passing his skills of reading and writing to them. 

Being a new teacher at Buhler High School, Weilert has come across some challenges. He’s been used to block schedule and has to adjust to Buhler’s schedule which is much shorter. This is also his first time teaching a Freshman English class. 

As the new Debate coach Weilert has had larger squads from 50-18 kids vs the 17 students he has now. Weilert is also trying to adjust to his student’s capabilities and his expectations versus theirs.