Recently, BHS got a new agriculture teacher named Libby Fisher. Growing up on a farm in eastern Iowa, Fisher had many agricultural opportunities.

 “I hadn’t always thought I wanted to teach, but in my high school Agriculture class it became clear that I wanted to do that for other students,” stated Fisher. 

In high school I had the chance to facilitate leadership workshops for younger students, and I had tons of fun doing it. I really didn’t consider the possibility of being a teacher until one of my high school teachers told me that they thought I would be good at it,” Fisher explained. “I decided to become an ag teacher because my ag classes and experiences in FFA had such a positive impact on me. I wanted to be able to watch students transform into strong leaders in my classroom.”

She later stated her mentor and high school Ag teacher had the biggest impact on her decision to become a teacher.

Fisher graduated from Iowa State University and finished with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Life Sciences Education.

She had heard positive things about the district and it’s agriculture program. Because of this, she decided to apply at BHS, and was thrilled when she got the job.