Are you always hungry before lunch and want a tasty snack? Crusader Corner is selling new things, like apple bosco sticks. They have some new vendors because they have to follow strict nutrition guidelines.

Brennan Torgerson is the advisor of Cru Corner and he watches over the students as they run the business. Torgerson explained that they had to get all new vendors because the old ones went out of business.

This entrepreneurship class is a great learning opportunity for people who want to go into business management. If you are a sophomore and up you can take this class and get up to 3 credit hours that will transfer for college.

The Cru Corner is open most times except during lunch and 5th hour.

According to Emma Rosenberger, so., this class is a good learning environment and an easy place to make friends.

This business is also self-sufficient so if something goes wrong or goes out they have the money put back to fix it.