Hannah Lehr joined the staff  Buhler High School this year as an English teacher.

Lehr talked about her journey to becoming a teacher. “I feel like I always kinda wanted to be a teacher,” but she had family who felt like becoming a teacher would be a waste of her time and potential.  

When she applied for Kansas State University she put down engineer or an architect as her career choices, but then her business teacher spoke with her about her life decisions, telling her that she should be a teacher, that she could make a great teacher, and made her realize that she wanted to be there for kids like that teacher was there for her.

When it came time for her to choose a school to student teach at she wanted to be somewhere near home, so she chose to student teach with Jason Kohls which she said she loved. During last spring when she saw a job opening at BHS, she knew she had to apply for the position.