One of BHS’s new ELA teachers, Hanna Lehr, is a Kansas State University graduate as she graduated in May of this year and has always wanted to be a teacher.

I remember playing with my dolls and stuffed animals you know, making them say the Pledge of Allegiance,” Lehr recalled.

During high school, Lehr thought that she wanted to do something bigger and decided to be an engineer. But during college she had a business teacher that told her, “No, you need to be a teacher; you’d be a great teacher!” This is when she decided to follow her passion and become a teacher. 

Lehr grew up in Hutchinson and so while she was looking for a district to student teach for, she had a trusted friend tell her that Buhler has really good English teachers and so she decided to come to Buhler where she student taught for BHS teacher Jason Kohls last year and is now a full time teacher here at BHS.

“It’s been great. Teaching is hard; in college they don’t really prepare you for what it’s like,” Lehr said.