Shelby Augustine,and the art club sponsor, are doing just a bunch of tie dye t-shirts using sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

Shelby Augustine teaches 3D arts, graphic design, Art club sponsor and this is her first year teaching at Buhler High School. She student taught in Salina at their high school, McCandless Elementary and at multiple elementary schools in McPherson.

Augustine is a professional potter outside of school. Augustine does her own pottery and then sells it at farmer’s markets and at small locations on consignment. Augustine also teach Sunday school and does some volunteer work.  Her brother is up in Kansas City going to dental school but both of her parents live in town and she can go visit them whenever she wants.

“I decided to teach in my middle school years. I was tutoring a lot of friends but I didn’t decide to teach art until my senior year of high school when I took a lot of art classes, and thought art would be more fun to teach than math,” Augustine said.