Posters of candidates hanging in the cafeteria. Candidates needed to include what they would be doing as StuCo representatives and provide a picture of themselves.
(Photo by Maddie Wilson)

Freshmen students participated in an election to choose their representatives to sit on the school’s Student Council at Buhler High School on Sept. 6.

The new StuCo representatives are Freshmen Lindsay Warner, Willow Schlatter, Ivan Penrose, and Jackson Allen.

According to StuCo’s new sponsor, Janea Gray, candidates needed to get 30 signatures from their fellow peers in order to run. Each candidate also needed a poster to be made to advertise what they planned to do as a StuCo representative. 

“We’re looking at adding a few more activities throughout the year,” said Gray, explaining that StuCo is planning many events at the school, as well as some community service activities.

According to Representative Warner, “I want to make sure students’ voices are heard and that their thoughts get across,” stating her goals with her new position.