New teacher Brian Weilert (Credit: Nuela Garcia)

Brain Weilert is a new teacher at Buhler High School. He is a freshman English teacher and the new debate coach.

Weilert has been adjusting from before, as he used to have to deal with squads from 18 – 50 kids vs. the 17 now. He enjoys being a debate coach nonetheless.

Weilert started as a theater major at Kansas State University. He also likes to read and write. He decided to become a teacher because he likes to share skills with the students.

There have been a few challenges this year for freshman English, too. This is the first time Weilert has ever taught freshman English. He also says that it’s a challenge to adjust to the kids’ capabilities.

He was used to a blocked schedule before and is now getting used to Buhler High School’s schedule.

The debate class process begins over the summer, where someone picks the topic. This year, the class will be debating over reduced weapon arm sells. Then, four teams are made. There are two kids per team. The teams go up against each other head to head.