A public website created by three Buhler High School students as part of a class assignment will go online today and its creators hope it will help people become more media literate. 

Last week students in Jeff Comer’s second hour Active Civics class were given a project-based question to answer.

“Students were faced with an essential question ‘How can we spread and inform Buhler High School about Social Media Literacy?'” Comer said. “They were to submit a product by the end of today and tomorrow will receive some peer review in the forms of “likes” and “wonders”.

Sophomores Chase Lansdowne, Brendin Smith and Trevor Stringfellow decided that since the majority of people use the Internet, creating an online resource would be “the best way to effectively reach people” with information about how to identify the “differences between real and fake news” according to Lansdowne. 

The website can be accessed by going to www.projectlegitimacy.weebly.com

Landsdowne said that his team spent a week creating the site and researching to find the content. They plan on keeping the site updated, but people can expect a “relatively finished product” once the site launches today.