Have you ever wondered what the S.L.A.V.E. posters in the halls are really about? Well, here’s the scoop. Damarcus Myer is the guy on the poster and the face of the film. He is a senior at Hutchinson High and plays the protagonist in the film which was written and directed by Buhler senior Matthew Crawford.

The film is something that I’ve always wanted to do; the Passion Pursuits class just gave me a good opportunity to take the time and do it,” Crawford said.

Passion Pursuits is a class that allows the students to be able to think about their future and what they want to pursue in their futures. This class allows the students time and organization for setting up  projects.

S.L.A.V.E. is co- directed by Jimmy Nguyen, sr.; Noah Spicer, sr., helped write this film; Tyler Preisser, so., is the assistant director; Karl Woleslagel, so., is the producer, and Andrew Schowengerdt, sr., is composing the score.

S.L.A.V.E. stands for Start Living A Virtual Existence and is based around comic book characters that are made to be more believable in todays world.

When Crawford was in middle school, he was really into comic books. His favorite comic book character is Spiderman which most characters for S.L.A.V.E. are based around. When Crawford was younger he made up all these characters and took what he remembered from when he was a kid and made it into a more believable reality for the film. The characters in the film have deeper traits to them than what he imagined as a kid.

Crawford gave a summary over what the film is about. “The plot of the film focuses around a homeless kid trying to keep his friends from starving, he is approached by a criminal organization that fronts as a charity organization. The organization claims to help homeless kids when in reality they use them to do their dirty work because they are expendable.”

“As a kid I always wanted to be an actor but had little opportunity to do that” Crawford said as he explained that this film he is making is purely out of passion. Ever since then he has become more and more interested in filmmaking.

Crawford said this film was an opportunity for the community around Hutchinson, Kansas to be apart of something big whether it be behind the scenes or being in the movie. There are student actors from Central Christian, Hutchinson High, Buhler High, and two adult actors.

On set we have tons of people helping with equipment, audio, or acting from Buhler. Those people are Hana Noguchi, Hannah Crawford, Lindsey Maschler, Tadan Reed, Lauren Specht, Nick Weippert, Braxton Bobo, Josh Duran, Justina Patton, Gabe Spencer, Rachel Thomson, Collin Severud, Braxton Luman, Mackenzie Meier, Hayden Buek, Trenton Hopkins, Trenton Matney, and William Henderson,” Crawford exclaimed.  

Obviously the project will expand way beyond the class, but the class gives a great opportunity for time management as well as getting the word out about the movie.” Crawford said. 

Advice from Crawford to anyone who wants to get into filming is to watch videos, learn, and go for it.