Longtime BHS Student Council adviser Tricia Unruh watches during the winter homecoming assembly, to make sure everything goes smoothly. (Photo by S. Berblinger) 

Interviewer: Gillian Seal

Interviewee: Mrs. Tricia Unruh

Mrs. Tricia Unruh is a history and psychology teacher at BHS and is resigning from her long-held position as Student Council Advisor.

Seal: How long have you been working with StuCo?

Mrs. Unruh: This is my 17 year as StuCo sponsor. I started in 2002, however, the first three years, that will be 20 years, I worked as a co-sponsor.

Seal: What was your favorite Homecoming theme?

Mrs Unruh: I think we did a Casino Night. It was really fun; we set up casino tables and the decorations were really cool so…Casino Night.

Seal: What’s your funniest memory working with the students?

Mrs. Unruh: There’s so many funny experiences with students and Student Council. We had so many activities that we thought were gonna be great, and they were total flops, and then we had some experiences where kids were supposed to do certain things that didn’t get done and so, there’s all kinds of experiences there.

Seal: What’s it like being the Student Council Advisor?

Mrs. Unruh: You really have to be organized and on top of things as far as making sure things get done. Also, just the relationships that I have built throughout the years with students that are not even here anymore.

Seal: What are you looking forward to with being off of it?

Mrs. Unruh: Free time. StuCo takes a lot of time, so it’s gonna be nice to have a little bit of free time now.

Seal: What will you miss about it?

Mrs. Unruh: Again the relationships with the students. Students that will forever be part of my life because of the close relationships we built in Student Council.

Seal: And lastly, what was your most impactful takeaway from your time with the students?

Mrs. Unruh: Again relationships. The impact I feel like I’ve made on their lives and definitely the impact they’ve made on my own.

After speaking with the Principal and two student council members, the frequent comment I heard was that they’d all miss Mrs. Unruh’s organizational skills and ability to stay on top of things.

Thank you, Mrs. Unruh, on behalf of the BHS student body, past and present, for your outstanding leadership and influence over the years.