“Got To Get Your Heart” is a Valentine Day game being sponsored by Student Council. According to Tricia Unruh, StuCo sponsor, the rules are that girls who decide to get a heart before school starts cannot talk to guys, and if they do, the girls have to give their heart to the boy they talked to.

“The heart must be visible when worn” and  “Laughter is not considered spoken words” according to the official rules that were posted two days ago.

Some rooms may be designated as “Safe Zones” at the request of teachers so those male and female students can interact.

The contest runs from 8:15 to 3:15. Any girl who keeps her heart all day will get a prize.


The newspaper staff discussed the game and varied opinion emerged.

“My opinion is that it is pretty legit with girls only getting one heart and the rules are pretty clear. What isn’t very interesting is boys get the girls to talk to them, but there’s nothing really in the game for a girl to get from a guy.,” said of senior staffer. “I think girls should have a way to win their heart back.”

A freshman girl in the class had similar thoughts: “I feel that there should be a way for girls to steal them back. I also think that guys should get prizes for hearts as well.

“I think it is a pretty neat concept. Everyone should participate in the event. It will be better with more people playing,” said a male student.