Spirit week has just passed and Student Council picked some great themes. Here are some of my favorites from Monday, “Dress as a meme,” and Wednesday, “Dress as your favorite social media icon.”

Shaye Gilliam, fr., as young Cardi B for Meme Day

In regards to choosing the young Cardi B meme, Shaye Gilliam, fr., said, “I chose her because every time I think of a meme I picture that in my mind and I remember how hard I laughed the first time I saw it.”

Ariana Slater, soph., as Kermit the Frog for Meme Day

Ariana Slater, soph., said she chose the Kermit meme because “I liked the meme, it was funny to a lot of people and everybody likes Kermit.”

Dylan Cunningham, jr., as Jacksepticeye for “Dress as your favorite Social Media icon.”

When asked why he chose Jacksepticeye, Dylan Cunningham, jr., responded with “He’s been my idol for a long time because he’s extremely funny and such a caring person.”

Faith Jarrett, fr., as James Charles for “Dress as your favorite Social Media icon.”

Faith Jarrett, fr., chose James Charles because “He’s one of those guys who’s like ‘you can do whatever you want no matter who you are.'”

Andrew Kelly, fr., as Grayson Dolan for “Dress as your favorite Social Media icon.”

“His humor makes me happy, so I wanted to represent that happiness,” said Andrew on dressing as Grayson Dolan.

Ethan Rigg, fr., as Filthy Frank for “Dress as your favorite Social Media icon.”

About choosing Filthy Frank, Ethan said, “I chose it because I don’t know who I would be without him.”