Mrs. Neill works with students in her first-hour class on Friday, Jan. 25. (Photo by Martean Perez)


Samantha Neill, Buhler High School ELA teacher and 2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year, will be sharing about her recent experiences in a presentation called “A Year of Learning” at Talk20 Hutch tonight, Jan. 25, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Hutchinson Public Library.

Neill will be joined by 10 other speakers as part of the 11th edition of Talk20 Hutch. Each presenter is allowed 20 seconds to speak about a total of 20 slides. Topics are varied and tonight’s line up includes “Building Men’s Roller Derby in Kansas” and “Hutch Against Hate and Other Stories”.

The library is usually packed out for this event which happens twice a year. The evening is free of charge and there is normally a drawing for prizes from sponsors as well.