Get ready Crusaders because starting next week, January 28 – February 1, it’s Spirit Week! Below are the special dress up days planned by the Student Council to celebrate Winter Homecoming.

Monday: Oh here come dat boi – just kidding, it’s Monday’s theme #BHSMEME! “Dress up as a MEME.”

Tuesday: Eureka! Time to unearth some clothes and pull off your best Indiana Jones look because Tuesday’s theme is #BHSHUNT. “Dress up as a hunter and go on the BHS scavenger hunt.”

Wednesday: Hi sisters! BHS here, and welcome back to spirit week! Wednesday’s theme is “Dress up as your favorite social media icon.” #WHODOYOUFOLLOW

Thursday: Smile Crusaders, and say cheese because Thursday’s theme is #CRUSADERCOVERPHOTO. “Print and bring your favorite photo from a social media account.” The stipulations are that it’s school appropriate, and don’t forget to put it on the Spirit Week Class Posters during your lunch hour!

Friday: Crusader, Crusader – BHS! Today is the day to show school pride with #BHSSPIRIT. “Wear maroon and white.”