Buhler choir and band students went to KMEA auditions for State on Saturday, Nov. 3. The results are back. Those selected for the state-level groups will go to practice February 21-23 and then perform. 

“3,400 students in the state auditioned for the two choirs: Mixed Choir and Treble Choir — 256 members in each choir.  This is the most that Buhler Choir has had make it to State,” Greg Bontrager, choir director, said. 

Here is the list of BHS choir students who were selected for the Mixed Choir: Jaiden Montandon A1, Rachel Thomson A2, Lauren Goodheart A2, Camille King  A2, Joshua Duran  T1, Braxton Luman T1, Andrew Schowengerdt  B1, Cole Ely  B1; Alternate: JoLea Wheeler  S1

“I tried out because I love singing and performing for people. I made State last year and it was such an amazing experience and I was really eager to go this year. Meeting new people is always a plus too,” Braxton Luman, sr., said.

  “I had sung the audition songs so many times in choir and with my director that I wasn’t really worried about trying out. When I went into the audition I had nervous butterflies, but who wouldn’t when they’re being judged,” Luman said. 

“Students who were selected for the KMEA All-State Honor Band have been working diligently for months, attending numerous auditions and district honor ensembles leading up to making State,” Band Director Ethan Wagoner said. 

Here is the list of the BHS band students who were selected: Megan Miller, 11th Chair Flute; Ellissa Stringfellow, 4th Chair Clarinet; Cecil York, 6th Chair Clarinet; Taylor Lipford, 12 Chair Clarinet; Caitlyn Sanders, 13th Chair Clarinet; Paige Staggs, 18th Chair Clarinet; Mary Waln, 22nd Chair Clarinet; Paige Carlin, 23rd Chair Clarinet; Matthew Crawford, 1st Chair Alto Saxophone; Allison Bomgardner, 14th Chair Trumpet; Lindsey Smart, 4th Chair Horn; Sydney Dick, 3rd Chair Mallets

“I tried out for KMEA because I had pushed myself to work hard at practicing the audition music in order to go to this event with the best instrumentalists of our district,” Paige Carlin, sr., said.