Ashawnee Hubbard, fr., does a hang clean during 3rd hour PE. (Photo by Hannah Brummer)


har·row·ing /ˈherōiNG/ adjective. acutely distressing

hor·ren·dous /həˈrendəs,hôˈrendəs/ adjective                                                                                                             extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible

Two words spring to mind when I think of last Wednesday. That day Mrs. Zachary’s weightlifting girls got more than they bargained for after a two and a half week long break. I recall that first Tuesday session fondly; the girls in my group, including myself, remarked on how light the weights were. Oh, how wrong we were. The following morning I’m sure a collective groan could be heard as all of us awakened to sore, stiff muscles.

When asked what that horrendous day was like, Mrs. Zachary said, “Many, many girls were sore and begged to stretch out their sore muscles. I heard about it in every hour that day.”

Of course in every situation, there is a positive aspect to be found. “I think the good thing is it helped everyone realize that being consistent to weightlifting is much easier than taking time off!”

Well said, Mrs. Zachary. I shall certainly keep this harrowing experience in mind, at the risk of walking around like a peg-legged pirate again.