Our new AG teacher Miss Baylee Siemens decided she wanted to be a teacher because she really enjoyed working with students and the future generations of agriculturists. She said, “Teaching Ag combined my two passions of agriculture and working with youth.”

Siemens is a 2014 Buhler High School graduate. She was involved in FFA and tennis. She graduated from Kansas State University last May and began her teaching career at BHS this fall.

“It is a super weird feeling going from being a student to a teacher in the school that I grew up in. I really enjoy working with staff that helped me be the person that I am today,” Siemens said.

Her favorite thing to teach is probably agronomy (crops). That was one thing she really dove into as a student and now she is able to teach it in her classroom.

A goal she has while at Buhler is to develop a strong relationship between Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community and the Buhler FFA.

Siemens became engaged to Daniel Knapp, son of English teacher John Knapp a few months ago. They are planning a May 2019 wedding. Knapp is an Ag teacher at Inman High School.

She doesn’t currently have any plans after getting married. She mentioned “we are two people that are going to follow God’s lead and go wherever He takes us.”