Science club members got a special treat last Thursday, Nov. 29,  at their regular monthly club meeting. Mr.Whitney introduced the Buhler Bot by VEX Robotics. Whitney received the robot by attending a conference held by VEX last spring. By attending, Mr.Whitney was given the Claw bot now named “Buhler Bot.” The robot is valued at around $1000. Additionally, Whitney was given extra parts that students can use to customize the robot.

This type of bot is used in battles. A battle consists of four bots fighting for points. To earn points Whitney explained that the team’s planning notebook must be clean and not sloppy, students must program the bot to work through an automatic driving phase, and the driver must keep the bot under control in the manual phase. The teams consist of a coder, a notebook keeper, an engineer, a driver, and a few scouts.  “Someone who’s good at video games just needs to drive,” said Whitney.

The Science Club has no funding from the school, so everything the club does is out of pocket, said Whitney.  He hopes in the near future that Science Club will get district funding so students can do a lot more activities.