I have never seen the movie before, so I didn’t know much about it before the musical. But I absolutely loved it! The choreography was great, everybody seemed to really enjoy their character, played their character great and did a great job with attention to detail!

This was a great musical for many reasons. For one, everybody did amazing with the choreography. β€œI would say the most challenging part this year would be the choreography. It’s very detailed and fast.” said Braxton Luman, Roger. I knew after my interview with Braxton that the choreography was something to watch for and everybody did a great job. Another reason it was good is because all the performers played their character very well. β€œAnother student and I have a free period 7th hour so we spent that time practicing and getting into character for a while.” said Braxton Luman, Roger. This showed with everybody as they all played their parts perfectly. Lastly, the music in the play was really upbeat and catchy. Made me nod my head and move my feet with the beat. The play was energizing to me which kept me into it more.

This was a well performed musical that the BHS students worked very hard and should be proud of their performance. Every single one of them all the way from the stars like Danny and Sandy to the crew members. The choreography is difficult for this musical and you can see it when watching it. Everybody did a fantastic job with that aspect and with their acting skills. I would give the musical an A rating. Great job to everybody who performed!!!!