Rachel Thomson and Mathew Crawford take their relationship to the stage of Grease where they become a great duo. The musical was well put together and very entertaining for those who enjoy a bit of drama and side-splitting comedy.

Tatum Wilson, the crews stage manager, expresses the effort put into this play. β€œI personally took 3 months to prepare for this play” said Tatum. She did an excellent job making sure everything and everyone were in the right places and the stage setup looked fantastic. My initial thought about this musical was that the scenes were out-of-order but when taking into consideration that the script for the musical and film are different, the musical was overall a one to see. The cast all contributed to the comedy parts. Β For example, when actor Collin Severud and Addy Powers were passionately locking lips in the corner during the dance. They are not supposed to be which is what I found to be humorous.

The casts voices were also great as well. Although there were many surprises, Rachel playing the character Sandy was not. β€œI specifically tried out for Sandy because I couldn’t see myself playing any other part” and she’s right. From others who tried out for Sandy, Rachel was the right choice. Β Also, Carsyn Heinlein also did an outstanding part by singing her parts as Rizzo. Rizzo’s solo, β€œLook at me, I’m Sandra Dee”, is perfectly sang by Carsyn without any effort. The drama scenes in this musical are also very entertaining and what makes this musical worth watching. When Sandy and Danny realize that they actually go to the same school, Danny tries to keep it cool and act like he doesn’t care. You can really feel the tensions between the characters on stage by their great acting and portraying the scenes well. If you like humor mixed with singing and a lot of drama, I would recommend Grease the musical.