The play was really good. All the performers did really well in the roles they were cast in. You get lost in the play. It was really interesting and just made you want to keep watching. The music will have you singing along hours after you heard it and the dances bring people back in time.

“My favorite part about being in Grease Lightnin’ is just a whole bunch of fun, there’s a lot of energy in it and I gotta really let myself out there,” said Blake Luman, Grease Lightnin’/Chorus.

This play was directed by Greg Bontrager who is also the choir director for Buhler High School. This musical will make you laugh, cry, and just want to keep watching.

The characters all did amazing at their part. Gabe Spencer was perfect for Kenickie; no one else could have played him. Roger and Sonny made you laugh. Miss Lynch actually made you feel scared of her and unsure of what to do. Vince was actually turning on an old radio and listening to the radiocaster. Sandy and Danny had a real connection together on the stage. Made you fall in love with them and their characters. All the actors and actresses were really prepared for the musical and took you back to the 1950s.

The costumes went with the time period for the  most part. During the school dance, however, some of the guys outfits seemed out of place and like they really didn’t fit in. Costumes in Beauty School Dropout were really cute and went with the song. Something I noticed about costuming that I thought was also symbolism was in the final number Danny changes from a white shirt to a black shirt and Sandy is now wearing all black too. I feel like this was to show that they were finally together.

The visuals and overall sound quality for the musical were really good. I like how in the opening number the spotlight goes on which group you need to focus on. That was a good part on the lighting. However, after that they do a little guitar scene, the light reflects right off of the guitar and into yours eyes which was annoying. When Vince started talking, they didn’t light up his radio booth right away which got confusing of where it was coming  from and why. The bedroom set for the girls looked really good and that a high school girl in the 1950s would of had a room like that. When someone was speaking their microphone cracked which distracted from the musical. Maddy and Sandy were singing together but you couldn’t tell because they had a very small spotlight on Sandy, so you heard two voices but only saw Maddy. Randomly, Danny and Sandy are together at the dance when she was at home watching the dance on TV, this makes absolutely no sense. Drive In scene was really cute, loved their little movie they made, very old timey feel. Overall everything was good, just had their little errors.

In the first number I really like how they all get in a huddle and pull down, this had such a big effect. The dance made sense in Summer Days and went well with the music. The dance for Freddy My Love was really cute and not to complex. I loved the Grease Lightnin’ dance, it was very comical and made you laugh the whole time. Not sure to cover eyes or keep watching. Group dance for We Go Together was really in time. School dance was full of energy but sometimes a little chaotic. Hand Jive was really cool and looked super complex. I liked how they brought their dance into the audience, thought this was really unique. Danny and Cha Cha’s dance was very saucy. Very cute number for Beauty School Dropout. I loved all of the dances they went really well with the songs and the Musical.

Summer Days was a really good song, made you love what was happening on stage. Everyone sounded really together during Grease Lightnin’. Got lots of good sounds from this song. The singer for Beauty School Dropout was perfect. No one else I could think of to sing that part. The music was all really quality and gets stuck in your head. There was really only one error in the music.

In conclusion, would recommend for people to go watch the play. Couldn’t even tell it was high schoolers putting on this production. I really liked it and thought that it was full of lots of energy. The actors and actresses were very passionate in this musical and that showed in their performance. I would rate this 4 out of 5 stars.