I really enjoyed Buhler High School’s rendition of Grease. I had never seen Grease before, so I was not sure what to expect. The cast’s acting was very good, and they all performed and sounded very good.

Buhler High School’s take on Grease the musical combines parts from the movie, as well as the play making it different than the other renditions you make have seen.

I really enjoyed this musical for a few reasons. Number one was that the acting was great. Everyone really played their part well. Carsyn Heinlein (Rizzo) and Matthew Crawford (Danny) really stood out to me. They really sold their characters. Carsyn was not afraid to act with attitude, and during songs she pronunciated everything very well which made it easy to understand her. The way Matthew spoke and his body language made him look and sound like the cocky, bad boy that Danny Zuko is.

The costumes were very accurate too. “Before auditions, we were pulling costumes from the, like racks from the old years.” There was a lot of effort into them, making it that much better.

I also loves the choreography and stunts. There were a couple of back handsprings and some cool dancing. Marrissa Thornton and Matthew Crawford did a stunt during a dance, where Matthew basically was whipping Marrissa around his body. They did not mess up, and it looked extremely hard to do. This added a wow factor. It was all synchronized and you could tell everyone put effort into it.

The last main reason I liked the play was because of the singing. The duets were synced, the timing was right, and there were some impressive vocals in solos. Braxton Luman’s high note on “Mooning” was extremely impressive. Maddy Crossno (Maddy Croz) had her own solo during the dance. Maddy’s character was added into the play just for her so she could sing a solo. It made the dance scene more original and her vocals were great.

I do think there was a little skipping around, but for the most part it was very easy to follow. I think some of the lighting and technical things could have been more on cure and guiding, but for one person doing all of that, I am pretty impressed. Over all, I really enjoyed the musical. I would recommend it for lovers of Grease, as it is not exactly like the play or movie. I’d love to see it again. Rating: A