“Knockdown Diabetes” is a special Passion Pursuits event that will be held at The Alley in Hutchinson on November 11 from 2-5 pm.  It will cost $15 per person with half the earnings going to The American Diabetes Association. All age are welcome and admittance includes bowling, laser tag, and bumper cars. It is being hosted by seniors Noah Sheahan, Jaiden Montandon, Emily Morton, and Kelsie Polson.

They came up with the idea because every member in their group share a love for bowling. Also one of the members of the group is impacted by diabetes, so they were compelled to raise money for the cause. The group does not have a certain amount they are wanting to raise; they just hope to spread awareness and raise a little money to help out.

Sheahan stated that only half the earnings are going to The American Diabetes Association because the other half is being used to to help pay for the requirements to use the facility.

He is also really determined to do this because his grandma found out she was diabetic at a very young age. “She has been struggling lately, but still has been up and around helping me with this, so if anything I’m doing this more for her.”