New FACs teacher Mrs Penner was influenced to become a teacher by her mom who was one; as a child she was always at school.

She found out about Buhler High from her niece and nephew who are students in the Buhler district. She wanted to be a teacher here because she went to a lot of our games and it has a “small town feel” which she is used to because she grew up in Ellsworth, Kansas.

Penner has been a teacher for 16 years. A graduate of Kansas State, she worked at Junction City High School for 2 years after doing her student teaching there. Then she found out her former high school FACs teacher was retiring soon. She had an opportunity to come back and teach in Ellsworth for 12 years.

Her goal here at BHS is to provide classes for students that they will really enjoy. She loves teaching sewing.

She really enjoys remodeling and interior decorating outside of being a teacher. She has 2 little boys.