Being a new student here at Buhler High School, I have recognized that everyone is their own person and does their own thing, but they are all pretty welcoming as long as you are willing to get out there and at least say something to them if they say something to you. The kids here have been kind and generous to me. Yes, some are shy, some are quiet, and some are the total opposite, but so far what I have noticed is that everyone is going through their own things and dealing with their own lives and situations without being overly judgmental.

The teachers are amazing and patient. They work with you and help you out and are just there for you.  At Buhler High School there are lots of laughs and smiles and lots of opportunities.

Some kids have been here for awhile and have known each other for a long time, but in my eyes as a new student, when I was just meeting people, they didn’t know my story and I didn’t know theirs, but everyone here is just very accepting.